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Linda Zapf Franklin, John Franklin and Rick Franklin - Three songwriters that sing and are multi-instrumentalist from the same family have united their unique individual talents along with their life-long friend, drummer Denny Hansen to create the band FRANKLIN. 

They call their music "New Classic Rock"

Their focus is inspired by the intense creative musicianship, vocal harmonies and songwriting from the music artists of the 1960s and 70s.


The boys paid their road warrior dues putting Miles on these Wheels hitch-hiking. Between them they logged in well over 40,000 miles traveling through 46 0f the 50 Uniter States, the east coast of Canada, including Newfoundland and an epic trip through Mexico. The song Federal Police was penned right after that trip. Other songs on the record, Goin Down and Hearts of the Ones you Love are hitch-hiking rock ballads. Rick's slide Guitar on Goin Down is a real goose bumper!

Linda's song is a solid rock groove with an introspective lyrical twist on "now you have it, now you don't" Things Aught to Change

The record title Magical Place, chimes with Rickenbacker 12 string guitar and praises the majestic sites gracing the roads along the Delaware River in Bucks County Pa.


Once we had our reunion we decided it was a must to make a record. Spent 6 months in the studio tracking and mixing and mastering the album. In the recording we included several of the songs we did from our early days like "Hearts of the Ones you Love", "Federal Police", Goin Down. The first run of CD's will be available January 15, 2020.

We will be announcing a CD release party soon, stayed tuned!

MAGICAL PLACE record is here!



"I Listened to magical place on my way home from the second greatest falling in love experience in my life. I listened on the the very modern Bose system in my very late model vehicle and nearly capsized with spiritual feeling that I have not felt in a very long time, the depth, feeling reached in through my ribs and took me to the highest plain of musical rapture, my god.....
Modern go back for the current throwback- ME, US-
alive again with a full heart,  God bless your mission, it floored me... M

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The FRANKLIN songwriters

Linda Franklin


Born into the Zapf Family from Bavaria and Philadelphia, Linda grew up with music all around her. She began creating songs on the Piano at the early age of 7 and learned violin at age 12. Later she picked up her mothers 1949,  00018 Martin Guitar , launching her musically inclined heart to write and sing. 

Traveling to the West after high School, Linda started performing in the Mountain town of Jackson Hole weekly with her partner in crime Paul Hartman, of the Jackson Hole Hat company. Playing originals and classics of the 70's. Being a female singer-songwriter back then was a new frontier and Linda wanted in. The large body of her work came after her fiancée of four years died suddenly in a Hangliding crash on the Tetons.

Meeting up with John after a year of much introspection, the two began to combine their creative  hearts love for music and writing, and married with 3 children, playing and recording ever since. Their reunion with some of the original players from they're  band in the 70's has been a great transition back into performing and recording with a  band again. Linda has performed or worked with performers such as Jim Weider, Susan Cowsill, Brent Moyer and also shared the stage with many well known performers of our day.

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John Franklin

Johnny grew up during the birth of classic rock. It was as much a part of the fabric of his consciou

Johnny grew up during the birth of classic rock. It was as much a part of the fabric of his consciousness and thinking as basic survival. Music soaked into the heart at an early age, He bought  a guitar with an income tax return check of 300 bucks from his first job. The guitar was a Guild dreadnought acoustic. In the following four years, he hitchhiked around North America. Johnny wrote over 30 songs during those life teaching travels.

When he finely settled down he was signed to a professional management company and performed as an opening act - either alone or with a band for Livingston Taylor, Leon Redbone, Michael Murphy and Arlo Guthrie. In the 90’s he rebranded as Johnny Dock and soloed as John Anthony Franklin with records credits that include 7 album releases. Years later he had dinner NYC with Walter Yetnikoff the president of CBS Record to discuss getting connected with his record biz peeps, He passed away before we made that connection . Oh well... “Thing outta Change!”

Rick Franklin


Rick has been writhing songs for years. He preforms his original songs in listening rooms regionally and has played as an accomplished, sought out lead guitar, slide player in many bands in the surrounding Philly area.

Linda's accomplishments


Linda has been having great success with radio play around the Globe. Here is what DJs are saying...

Terre Franche 105.9 FM   Belgium

“ Excellent Voice and very great performances of these songs” 

Forest FM       England

“ Great album - good voice & lovely backing” 

Galaxy Radio & Muret 89.7FM   France

“ Superb instrumentation and very good song writing” 

Shetland Radio BBC    Scotland

“ Excellent releace-great voice and songs”    

Champagnie Radio   Netherlands

“ Fine radio friendly songs - Like them a lot” 

SCAWC syndicated  Copenhagen DENMARK

“ Solid songs!!! Seeing Triple and Wonder Why favorites”   

Polish National Radio    Katawice Poland

“ Wonder Why is a wonderful song- now programed”

Linda has recorder 3 solo records. All available on the links below.

Linda Zapf Franklin

Seeing Triple

Linda Zapf Franklin

Move On

Linda Zapf Franklin

Some of the Last 25 Years



With 8 Studio records behind him John has recorded in Nashville, New Orleans, NYC and good old Bucks County. 

His work can be found at CDbaby

John Anthony Franklin

 Spirit of the Dirt

John Anthony Franklin 

Last Cowboy

Here's a quote from Pete Smith - "Franklin is a superb performer who writes poetic songs of life. I have played and played and played this album and have become totally addicted to all eleven songs particularly the heartbreaking "Pretty Peggy". I have been involved in the country music business for forty years and cannot find a song/performance to better "Pretty Peggy".

John Anthony Franklin 

Southern Roots

Johnny Dock 


Johnny Dock 

 Crossing the River

Johnny Dock 

 Alive on Main

Johnny Dock


Jinda Lohn



One of Bucks County's incredible slide and lead guitar players

Here is a record the three FRANKLIN,s recorded in our early twenty's - Pure 70’s Rock-Folk and a bit of Reggae with loads of harmonies and dueling Lead guitars. Recorded straight to 2-track analog tape, no pro-tools.

Coast to Coast

If you watched the Tom Petty, Running down a Dream movie - remember in the beginning when they are telling the part of the story where they made a  2 track demo? They drove out to LA and used that demo to land their record deal. Tom said, "the tape came out really good" 

Coast to Coast was FRANKLIN's - 2 track demo. They should have taken it out to LA.

"We recorded  our songs in a studio that was owned and operated by Pete Hellffrich, an eccentric, philosophically endowed, music recording genius. He like a mad scientist,. He would come out into the studio saying we were great while gargling and swigging gulps right out of a gallon milk bottle."

They recorded 21 original songs, live, no overdubs, No Protools. Ten hours later they paid Paid Pete 200 bucks and walked out of the old warehouse converted into the studio with three real to real 1/4 " tapes. This was in the Summer of 1979..

 "We rehearsed all the time and played every thursday night at the Apple Jacks bar and John and Peters on the weekend. Even played the Christmas party at the Lumberville store that year."

These youngsters lived the ultimate Rock and Roll hippie family dream. No managers, no record deals, no bullshit and no money. They paid the bills with whatever was made playing club dates and concerts. Somehow they managed and man they sure had fun. The Folk-Rock music they were playing was magic. Disco and Punk Rock had become the main-line thing back then. Even the Dead and the Stones were coming out with disco songs. Coast to Coast just kept jamming and Franklin and Zapf kept writing.
The spirit in the lyrics of the songs always seemed to have an enlightened curiosity. When John, Linda, Rick, Alan, Ric and Steve weren’t gigging, sleeping, camping, tubing down the river, or hanging out in Apple Jacks bar, they were practicing in the little bungalow behind the old house.
In the early summer of ‘79 right before half the band split for the LA scene, Franklin pulled the band into Pete Hellffrich’s Recording Labs. 

John said, “We recorded almost our whole original live show - twenty songs in eight hours. No bull! It was so Cool, and real good.” Twenty-eight years later he mastered the same tape on the original Ampex machine they recorded the music on in a different studio. How’s that for synchronicity? It was the real deal. So here you have it. Now it’s history! Enjoy the real thing.

Denny Hansen


"Denny, was drumming with us from just about the Start!"

Once Johnny’s hitchhiking adventure was over and itching to start a band, he found Denny at an outdoor house party on Wood street in Doylestown, Pa where he was in a band playing named Cannibal Jack. Johnny was instantly drawn to Denny’s smooth in the pocket style. He had fills that were not like other drummers, uniquely stylish and very tasty.

So, he stole him!

After spending many years in Florida, Denny returned home to Bucks County Pa to join his lifelong friends and band member for this magical restart – FRANKLIN!